Internationalt: Turkey continues to kill Kurdish civilians***

The occupying Turkish state bombed civilians and people in Ranya

There are reports that many civilians were injured and killed as a result of the bombing by Turkish UAVs near the Boskênî village of Ranya district of Southern Kurdistan.

The Turkish army, which has been committing massacres against the Kurdish people every day in recent years, shot civilians again today (

Stating that the world is silent against the human tragedy in Gaza and the shooting of civilians, the Turkish state has been continuing this brutality against the Kurds for years. The Turkish state shows no limits in its humanitarian and war crimes against the Kurds. It also puts pressure on every sector and international institution to remain silent about this genocide.

The Turkish state and its government the AKP, are massacring Kurdish women, children and the elderly, and at the same time aim to destroy the Kurdish movement and its organisations and starving the remaining peoples to death. Since October 5 ( , there have been major attacks on Rojava (Northeast Syria) including UAVs. As a result of these attacks, there is a serious humanitarian crisis in Rojava.

We call on all international institutions and the public to take a stand and condemn this genocide and brutality of the Turkish state.

Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress- KNK

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