A call from the queer activist house: We need support now!***

The police is at Ragnhildgade 1 at this moment, kicking everyone out of Los Miserables and our new queer activist house. We need your help at the space, please come emergency. Send this message to all your friends.

We need everyone to come, now! This is happening now! Come and make a ruckus, come and protect our shared spaces!!!

Who is the Queer House

We are a collective of queer activists that are in the process of creating a queer culture house – a queer hangout space – a safe haven and a safer space a little further away from the daily discrimination and struggles we face as a community.

Our space is placed in a historical wooden building, well used for almost 100 years, placed in an existing deep-rooted culture hub. We are not a lone group – we are part of an existing community. Our neighbors are musical culture spaces, workshops and art studios of many kinds, martial art training, and cafes. We maintain our shared spaces together and realize our common dreams together.

For the people already in the space, the need for this queer space is obvious. With it, we have found friends, a supportive network, a creative outlet, and a safer space to go. Now we want to maintain what we built and stretch out a broad invitation to join.

The number of queer people who are out is growing. Our mental health is rapidly declining – especially young queer people are overrepresented in statistics of low mental health. We need to create a physical safer space to support youth well-being by creating room for creative self-expression.

That is why we want to create a non-profit, volunteer-run, diverse, multi-function meeting space for everyone – with a focus on young queer people. It will be a place for creative expression of many kinds, exploration and growth, a space to hang out, establish relationships, build community, and a space where we can learn from each other and hold one another accountable when necessary – to create as safe a space as possible.

Everyone who wants to use the space in a way that accounts for the written Expectations is welcome to use the space freely.

Our goal at the moment is to save our space from destruction. Our house is right now in danger of being torn down, to build the fourth kindergarten in the area. The building is well functioning, and has a lot of history, and is a perfect place for a queer house.


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