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af Assembly of Squatted Prosfygika

The building complex of Prosfygika was built in 1933 in order to house
the refugees of Minor Asia. Due to these conditions, an alive working
class neighborhood with communal characteristics arose. The antifascist
partisans of 1944 used Prosfygika as a shelter against the British and
Greek state-armies, the gunshots are still visible on the facades of the
buildings while the monument of the guerillas located in the forefront
of the neighborhood is reminding it to us everyday. Today, Prosfygika is
one of the biggest building complexes in the center of Athens which is
still not gentrified and exploited by the big funds or the state. It’s a
place with a strategical significance because is located in-between the
two ‘pillars’ of authority – the Supreme Court on one hand and the
Police Headquarters on the other hand.

Within this social-spatial frame, some militants who were already living
in the neighborhood, as squatters, decided to organize themselves. In
2010, they initiated the Community of Squatted Prosfygika, having as a
central decisional political organ SY.KA.PRO, the Assembly of Squatted
Prosfygika. A communal body for everyday life and political struggle.

10 years later, the project has as a result a politically unified
neighborhood, numerous squatted apartments, autonomous communal
structures covering the needs of dozens of people, a constant
participation to local and international struggles and a great
revolutionary perspective.

We are launching this crowdfunding campaign for all the needs such a
project has.

The needs of struggle, the needs of the structures and the needs of the

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