Bakhmut Ukraine: In memory of our comrades***

On the 19th of April, three of our dear comrades died at the hands of the Russian state in Bakhmut,
Ukraine. Learning from and remembering our fallen comrades is an important part of revolutionary
culture, so I’d like to share some writings that can be part of that.

There is a crimethinc article that goes in depth on Dmirty’s work, a twitter thread that collects a lot of stories about Finbar as well as links to articles about Cooper. Here is Cooper in his own words.

It is also significant to add that Philip O’Keeffe, a comrade of Finbar, was detained on terrorism
charges in the UK when he was on his way to Finbar’s family to give them the news that he had died in
Ukraine. He was not given a lawyer and his devices were taken away. Because of this he was unable to
inform Finbar’s family of what happened.

Moreover Russia gave a clear warning to Ireland after an Irish minister expressed his sympathies to the
family. Russia responded by saying that if any support for Irish people fighting in Ukraine would be
expressed “then Ireland would be the direct participant of the conflict with all the ensuing

Below is a eulogy from Tekoşîna Anarşîst, an anarchist organization in Rojava, that was read on
Dmitry’s memorial ceremony in Russia:

In memory of Dmitriy Petrov and all comrades who fell fighting for freedom in Ukraine.

We have been following the situation in Ukraine for several years, with special interest in anarchist
comrades who decided to take up arms against the invasion. The anarchist movement has deep roots in
Ukraine and we can hear the echos of the struggle of Nestor Makhno, of Maria Nikiforova, of the black
army, calling for freedom or death. It is in their spirit that we salute the committed militants working
and fighting to defend the people of Ukraine.

We were very sad to hear that some of our friends and comrades recently gave their life in the front
lines. Dmitriy Petrov, Ilya Leshy, Lev, heval Arteş. He carried many names as he carried the struggle in
many places, because international revolutionaries know no borders. A treacherous attack took his life
on the outskirts of Bahkmut, together with other international volunteers that joined the resistance in
Ukraine. Among them was a beloved Irish comrade, Finbar Cafferkey, known in Rojava as heval Çiya,
who spent time in Rojava, fighting and working to defend the revolution of Northeast Syria. An
American comrade, a Black autonomist Cooper “Harris” Andrews also lost his life together with Finbar
and Dmitry.

Over the last year, several other comrades were martyred fighting against the Russian invasion: Yury
Samoilenko, Sergey Petrovichev, Igor Volohov and Tisha.We will always remember their names, their
passion and their commitment to struggle for a better world. As revolutionaries, we have the
responsibility to transform our sadness and anger into strength, to keep up the struggle that our
comrades gave their life for. We owe it to them.

Dmitriy played an important role connecting the Kurdish revolutionary experience with Russian
anarchist militants. The website he worked with, “Hevale,” published important articles and
translations that built bridges of solidarity. Together with analysis and reflections about the revolution
and the Kurdish liberation struggle, it also gave voice to our organization some years ago, publishing
an interview about our perspectives and works in Rojava. He opened a door for us, connecting
movements and struggles, bringing us closer to our Russian anarchist comrades.

His efforts to connect revolutionary ideas and movements were not only with words; he took action in
many different forms against injustice. The brutal repression of the Russian state, with hundreds of
anarchists arrested and tortured, could not break his revolutionary spirit, his determination, his
commitment to the struggle against oppression and domination. Together with his organization, BOAK,
they set an example of active resistance that despite very hard conditions managed to confront and
attack the authoritarian regime of Putin’s Russia.

They decided to join the armed resistance in Ukraine, not only to fight the Russian state, but also to
defend the people of Ukraine. This is not an easy decision and Dmitriy was aware of the consequences
of his actions. He did not hide the contradictions facing anarchists fighting the Russian invasion under
the Ukrainian army. As he did in Kurdistan, he acknowledged and reflected on the difficulties and the
contradictions, never seeing them as an excuse to neglect his revolutionary duty. Rather he saw them as
a source of political reflection and ideological discussion and he took time and effort to write and
discuss about them. His theoretical works contributed to light a path, to bring clarity to what anarchists
can and should do in these convulsive times we live in. His practical steps set an example of
engagement and commitment to struggle, that from now on we will also carry on in his memory.

The ones that fall defending the people will be carried on in our hearts.
Their bodies are no longer with us, but their spirits will live forever in the struggle.

Death to imperialist occupations!
Against all forms of oppression!
Long live international solidarity!

Tekoşîna Anarşîst
2023 May 6

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