CALL TO ACTION: from Lützerath Anarchist call from ZAD Rheinland about the upcoming eviction attempt***

 from Lützerath Anarchist call from ZAD Rheinland about the upcoming eviction attempt

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It is the beginning of October. We are in the middle of autumn, we have the relaxed time of summer behind us. And already in a few days another time is coming, one that is no longer quiet, in which we can no longer exchange ideas for hours on end. A time in which we have to act quickly and actively. And not only in Lützerath, the village threatened by RWE at the lignite open-cast mine Garzweiler 2.

Even before the cops show up with their destructive machines and thugs in the ZAD Rheinland we have to act everywhere. Take to the streets; protest, rebel, sabotage, strike back everywhere, mobilize and educate others so they too can act to evict. Learn skills and the environment in the Rhineland or in your city now to be able to act quickly and safely when needed. We can no longer allow to fight only on the down low. We have to break out of our (climate) bubble. We have to finally build bridges between workers, migrants, LGBTQIA*, as well as marginalized people suffering from capitalism, patriarchy and all other forms of discrimination.

For too long the anarchist scene in this country has stood in its own way. Kind of still hangs on the tip of the so-called left scene. Let’s end this, because revolution is in the air, it is almost tangible and not only in the community in Lützerath. It only needs courageous rebels who give the impulse. Don’t leave any police station or party office untouched, don’t let any cars drive through the streets, block everything, lay down every job, go on strike. And not just if you work or live in an area affected by climate change. Question your privileges that often make it easier for you to survive in this world, because most people don’t have them.

It is up to all of us to make a difference. If we all pull together, the rulers can’t stop us. Get together, organize, build social spaces and self-sufficiency. Organize education for yourselves and others. Address needs and fears and don’t repress them as petty fringe issues, because when we pay attention to our needs and overcome our fears we become invincible. But we also need rebels to become part of the community in ZAD Rheinland, no matter if in Unser aller Wald/Keyenberg, in Hambi, in Lützerath or somewhere else in the area.

Come by and become part of the revolution here. We are trying to do things differently here, to dare new steps. We want to question old structures and leave them behind, so that we can try out new things. Here, in Lützerath, the struggle will be the hardest and it is not only a struggle against RWE, but a struggle that connects many perspectives of other social struggles. Struggles for housing and free spaces, struggles against discrimination and for justice, but also struggles for a new, self-determined life organized from below, in which everyone can participate. A life without capitalist exploitation and destruction. Here, too, everything is far from perfect.

We have to work on this together, so that Lützerath does not remain only as a climate occupation in the heads, but as a further step, which takes place here daily, in the process of the revolution. We form friendships and bonds, so that our community becomes stronger every day. We believe in revolution, we carry it in our hearts and live it a little bit more every day. Finally, we want to point out again that the struggles in the ZAD Rhineland are not the only places of resistance.

Many other forest squats are also threatened with eviction. Just like the few squats that exist in the so-called FRG are also threatened again and again or struggle with the lack of capacity. In addition, there are many struggles in other parts of the world that have understood what is at stake and are rebelling. So join the struggles no matter where they take place, this fall needs to be hotter than hot. In doing so, let’s lead the struggles intersectionally and support each other.

Become a part of the revolution! – No matter where, rebel! Anarchists in Lützerath. October 7, 2022

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