On the 24th of August, Swedish police stopped and checked 15 activists from Denmark en route to Gotland to participate in the Take Concrete Action demonstration. After a very long check designed to delay their journey police suddenly took Ulrik from Denmark, without any reason or context. 
Despite Ulrik being a resident of Denmark, the Swedish police kept him detained for 48 hours, 8 of them spent at an asylum center. The police did not charge him with a crime but insisted that because he refused to answer questions, and since they presumed that he was going to commit crimes in Sweden, they would not grant him entry.
It seems that the Swedish police are treating him as an immigrant, as a way to have legal backing for detaining him and sending him back to Denmark despite him having committed no crime. This is pure and clear political repression.
In a similar case, six people from Finland travelling to Take Concrete Action have been detained at random by police in Stockholm and put in a detention center, charged with ‘suspicion to commit a crime’, without any evidence to support this claim. 
– This is unacceptable, illegal and further proof that the state is helping mass polluters at every turn says Leo, a spokesperson of Take Concrete Action 
Take Concrete Action is a climate mass action in Gotland to shut down Sweden’s second largest polluter, Cementa. Activists from all around the Nordic countries have come to put an end to CO2 emissions through peaceful mass blockades of the Cementa factory in Slite. 
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